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Digital or printed authors may only submit articles for print or digital publication. Articles accepted for print publication are also published on the ABA JOURNAL BANCAIRE website. Articles authorized for digital publication can be published on paper if space and content permit. Articles submitted for publication in The Business Lawyer will be carefully reviewed by the editor and/or various editorial staff or other colleagues specializing in the field or subject on which the article is based. Editors and editors are volunteers with full-time law firms. This can lead to a relatively longer review process than other legal journals. As a result, we will generally not respond to expedited review requests without specific circumstances. For more information, see the peer review guidelines. If your article is declined, you will receive it in writing from the editor. If your article is accepted, you will receive the editor in writing with the ABA`s standard publishing contract for your signature. The publication agreement must be signed before we can publish your article.

For an update on the status of your article, contact the production manager. However, please allow at least six weeks from the date of shipment before inquiring. Judge Hal Greenwald of New York ruled Monday night that a confidentiality agreement could not be used to publish or promote… Correction online Correction correction is the responsibility of the authors with regard to the content, and the editors with regard to the technical part. Proof of correction is sent to the author specified in the manuscript. These must be corrected and returned to the editor until the date indicated in the cover letter and within 5 working days of receipt. At the end of this period, a correction and/or automatic postponement of the publication will be made based on the editor`s editorial priority. Responses received after the specified date and requests to send to another or more authors, which differ from those indicated in the manuscript, are not accepted. Note: Corrections during correction should be avoided by avoiding changing already defined charts or modifying content to require a new peer review process. The publication of longer articles is subject to an ad hoc evaluation. We accept both pitches and finished parts. Send either to the website editor or to an exercise space editor listed below.

Once an article has been received, it will first go to peer review. After a peer review, it is returned to the author if necessary. Once the author has had the opportunity to approach the reviewer`s comments by peers and review the piece, the article is returned to the collaborators to copy in accordance with the style of the house. The author has one last chance to review before publication. The author is responsible for signing a publication agreement. You can also submit a biography and photo (350×350 or more and 72 dpi) for a robust author page on the site. The ABA is a prestigious publishing house, known for providing lawyers and lawyers with trustworthy legal resources. The ABA has the publishing staff to publish and market legal publications in a professional manner. If you are interested in becoming an author for the ABA, or if you have a topic that would make an excellent ABA book, contact us to find out more. Author`s Agreements Each author must sign a standard author`s agreement that recognizes the authenticity of the material submitted and gives ABA the appropriate permissions to publish such an article.