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Landlords can enter a rental suite with a 24-hour delay and do not need the tenant`s consent. They are expected to follow public health policies such as physical stripping, cleaning and masking, if appropriate. Check out the update here. We have summarized new programs and changes below. The most accurate up-to-date information from the BC government can be found at Click here for a guide to view rental units during COVID-19 For example, if the rental agreement indicates: that the rent is due on the first of each month, The landlord must provide the tenant with a plan to reimburse the tenant for the unpaid rent or services that are due on the following days and remain unpaid: tenants who still suffer a loss of income may be eligible for either the housing assistance program or the Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) programs that provide permanent assistance to low-income families and seniors. Prior to this amendment, the previous government authorized rent increases as an additional 2% inflation rate. By removing the additional 2%, tenants living in an apartment of $1,320 per month, which represents the cost of the average two-bedroom apartment in B.C, will save up to $317 next year, and people living in an average two-bedroom apartment in Vancouver will save about $420. To find out how the rental rules have changed at, we are here at LandlordBC to assist you.

Our employees work remotely and we use every opportunity to ensure that the information available to you is up to date and complies with the rules and recommendations of bc`s public health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry. Below is information on how best to communicate with your tenants at this time, as well as best practices for managing and maintaining your rental units. Owners are required to establish a written agreement for each lease. Even if a landlord does not prepare any, tenants are protected. In your role as a rental housing provider or resident in an apartment building, you are in a unique position to flatten the COVID-19 spread curve. It is important that you take up the latest best practices developed specifically for the real estate industry for rent. In this brochure, you`ll find best practices for everything from important construction indications to other rental survey methods. A landlord can enter a rental unit for one of the following reasons, while wearing a mask, by communicating a good notification to the tenant: B.C.

Landlords can only increase the rent once a year and must give tenants three months` notice with the correct rent increase form. It is highly recommended to wear masks in the following areas: A site plan that lists all residential rental pages and sub-pages. When amending the Housing Act and the Rent Act and the Residential Park Regulations, it is important that landlords and tenants understand the impact of these changes on their rights and obligations. COVID-19 and Your Rental Department – Presented April 2, 2020 BC Real Estate Association: COVID-19: Resources for REALTORS Mediate BC also offers quarantine conflict resolution service Since 2018, the province has taken many steps to make the rental system fairer for everyone and work better. This implies that, in the context of a public health crisis, it is important that we, as a community, are united.