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As mentioned above, we have developed a free online redundancy letter creator that will help you create a legal letter to your employer about your dismissal. It is important for you to know if you are still employed and facing layoffs or if you have recently been laid off. Some employees will try to negotiate a better package and, as voluntary redundancies are voluntary, they have the right to refuse it if you refuse to improve your offer. The letter sets out the legal situation if you are about to do so or if you have recently been wrongfully dismissed, and then proposes a path – either recovery or a transaction agreement – that you must choose sooner. All you need to do next is add one or two last details, and it`s ready to send. However, if the transaction contract is concluded after the redundancy advice, the number offered is usually only slightly more than the legal minimum amount of severance pay. In these cases, if it is often worth negotiating, as your employer has shown his hand in wanting to have the protection of a transaction contract, it must be worth more than a small amount more than the legal minimum. In the event of termination due to dismissal, many… Sometimes, however, it is not at all necessary to negotiate for higher pay for redundancy, because many employers voluntarily offer a comparison with an improved amount that goes beyond the legal minimum.

A transaction agreement may include conditions for protecting the company`s reputation, including confidentiality clauses and non-derogatory comment clauses. It may also include termination restrictions (also known as restrictive agreements) to protect the interests of the company by limiting the employee`s activity for a period after the end of the employee`s employment or to refer to existing restrictions already contained in the employee`s contract. To be eligible, you must have worked for at least two years without interruption. The statutory allowance is calculated based on the number of years of service completed. You get: Employee recruitment data or executive opinions have not been taken into account. In fact, management was surprised to know who was chosen. Despite this, “some very good workers” were dismissed by dismissal and the court found their dismissals unfair. Other things should have been taken into account, not just their results. After you are fired, you may be entitled to certain government benefits, including unemployment benefits or income benefits.

However, there are a number of requirements that must be met to qualify. This agreement cannot be used to prevent a worker from making claims, for example. B for unfair dismissal or unlawful discrimination, in an employment tribunal. If the employer wants to protect itself against such rights, it must agree to a separate transaction contract. Our settlement agreements are available here. They know who is in the pool, who will probably survive and how much they will pay in the event of legal redundancies so that people leave the country under a transaction contract and protect the company from any legal action. In many cases, the decision has not yet been made in this country these days, so it is more difficult, in such circumstances, to negotiate with your employer the redundancy wages. You can read our guide to learn more about mandatory redundancy. As a general rule, the minimum employment rights (and therefore the minimum amount you can get as voluntary airtime) based on your age are: a transaction contract allows an employer to pay an employee knowing that he cannot return (except in specific circumstances) and ask for more.