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Serwer: If you look at how some officials talk, for example, about workers in meat packing plants, or how they talk about states where racial differences were extremely distorted, you saw a pretty significant change in tone from the White House and Fox News after the news about racial differences came out, which is basically , oh, that`s not really our problem. It is not about the people we consider to be our people. HPR: So why do we need the extra concept of a “racy” contract, and what`s wrong with the Rawlsian project? Whatever my criticism of Rawls, his concept of basic structure is a very valuable contribution to political philosophy, even if his potential is not inherited in his hands and those of his followers. The real question for us should be, as I suggested above: how to dismantle a basic racialized structure? It takes a lot more white Americans than going to Floyd`s protests, buying a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt and dutifully reading some of the many books about race and racism that have been zoomed in on the New York Times bestseller list. The pandemic is still here and its complete disastrous economic effects have not yet fully manifested themselves. The dismantling of the Treaty on Race requires a national reconstruction project whose burdens must recognize the problems that also face tens of millions of poor, unemployed and unemployed white Americans. My own research over most of my career has been, as indicated, on race, but that does not mean that I am not sensitive to the many other axes of social injustice. In other words, in order to win white support, racial justice must be part of a larger project of class and gender equality, which brings together the moral imperatives and interests of groups to get rid of the combined “treaty of domination.” It remains to be seen whether such a radical political vision can be expressed to attract the white majority and whether it can be achieved. “An important work of philosophy, both short and accessible…. Mills was admirably successful in arguing his arguments for the existence of a treaty of race. The fact that he can do it in a rigorous, passionate and accessible way is an important achievement.┬áThe problem with the Rawlsschen project is that instead of recognising this central fact about the world created by the West, it starts in both the descriptive and normative domains of Consensus.