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In addition to meeting the requirements of s48, leases should include agreements for notification of redundancies to the tenant, which determines the date on which a notice is considered to be served. Failure of the tenant, without reasonable excuse, to give the landlord the opportunity to enter the premises in all circumstances where the lessor is allowed to enter according to the subsections (2) to 3). It is customary for the section 48 notification to be complied with in the lease itself. There is now a case law authorising an address in England-Wales that was given to the lessor (or agent) in the lease, and this does not need to be explicitly stated that it is a section 48 notification. If not, it means that any right to rent, rent arrears or service charges is unenforceable in court. Landlords before the courts, their representatives or lawyers should always check whether an address has been given to the tenant (defendant) either as part of the tenancy agreement or through a separate s48 notice in which communications can be sent. The leases that the armed forces grant to the Armed Forces Discipline Act of 1971 are not covered by this section. Landlords should also note that Section 47 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 requires that the owner`s name and address be included in all rental applications. The case law has made it clear that the address in Section 47 must be the owner`s own address. This contrasts with section 48, where the service address may be that of an owner`s broker. There are no land or facilities in this section. As a general rule, a section 48 notification is included in the lease.

However, it may be necessary to complete such a notification during the lease, though. B the lease does not contain section 48 of the lease, if the lessor has changed or if the landlord`s address has changed. When a landlord sells a paying property, the new landlord makes a “letter of authorization for renting” available to the tenant. This letter orders the tenant to pay the rent to the new landlord. In accordance with Section 48 The Landlord and Tenants Act of 1987, it is imperative that the tenant be informed of the name and address of the landlord for the delivery of documents by the tenant.