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But also, and perhaps more importantly, if the tenant refuses to evacuate after a valid ownership decision (Article 21) has been served by the owner, the judge should immediately grant the property, not ask questions, because the fixed duration of the rental agreement would have done so. This is sometimes referred to as the exercise or activation of the termination clause. If you think you can benefit from a professional consultation to end a lease, whether you want to impose an interruption clause or you have difficulty removing a tenant, you can get advice for free from LegalforLandlords (100% no obligations). You did not say whether it was a joint lease or an exclusive lease. If it is a joint lease agreement, all tenants must agree to terminate a lease prematurely, including the exercise of an interruption clause. It`s surprising how many legal possibilities there are to break an agreement once you`ve signed it. I have outlined below a selection of them. It is not intended as a checklist for those trying to circumvent their legal obligations, but it can shed light on and inform certain presumptions about the legal effectiveness of agreements. Needless to say, any particular situation should be taken into consideration by a qualified lawyer who has received appropriate instructions. If you wish to use an interruption clause to terminate a fixed-term rental agreement prematurely, all joint tenants must agree, unless otherwise provided in your contract. .