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What we do know is that he destroyed his leased Nissan and “returned it to the dealership” after it was repaired. It was information, according to his nurse. It sounds a bit fishy to me, but we couldn`t find the car and I don`t know anyone who has ever rented a vehicle, so maybe it`s legitimate? We know he had all-risk insurance, so we assume he was paid for the repairs. If he eventually found out that he was returned to the merchant, it doesn`t make sense why they still charge. When we called them to ask, they came out pretty selfless and said we were on the hook for the rest of the vehicle ($21,000). Also – when we went through the mail, we couldn`t find any clues like “You are several months late with your payments, so we will reapply this car”. So we assume it has not been tabled. I have always wondered how they can sue close relatives who are not spouses and do not live in the same household? If you are not one of the tenants, have not signed any paper – how can they ask for something if you drop the car off at a dealership and walk away? I was in a similar situation with my brother`s Hyundai Genesis in April, but Hyundai doesn`t allow transfers (only to spouses). For various reasons, we decided to return the car to Hyundai as an early termination (always 2 years on rental).

We made a reasonable assumption as for the auction price, but we were far away. Later we got a HUGE bill. The auction price was terrible and it was actually over 2 years of rental payment combined. I suggest you try to find a transfer here. Maybe cr-V is not so bad because it has a very good resale value, but it is still a risk. a) All remaining payments of the lease become due and payable immediately. Therefore, if there are still 2 years left on the lease upon death, the lease requires payment of the remaining 2 years of the deceased`s estate; It`s a little more complicated than that, but an executor has the name of the estate to handle things legally. You must notify the court of the deceased. In this case, the executor is responsible for settling the estate by paying all remaining debts with the estate`s money, filling in taxes, etc. The executor must place an advertisement in a legal journal to inform all creditors of the death. The creditor can then assert a claim before the court for the money owed. In order to close the estate and divide what would remain, all claims must be taken into account.

If the estate does not have money to pay the debts, or does not have enough, the court will then decide who gets what, and what was due at that time would be written off by the creditor. Depending on the complexity of the remaining assets, a family member may take care of it or pay a lawyer to take care of everything. Do what you can to make them work, and you`ll save a lot of money. (d) There may be a negative equity assessment between the amount of your lease and the current value of the vehicle. Once you enter the negotiation phase, the person who offers to take over your lease can ask for things like winter tires, you pay the full rental fee, an additional cash payment, etc. It is up to you to decide whether or not to accept such negotiations. However, if you have a great lease with a low interest rate and monthly payments and your vehicle is in good condition, you can also try to negotiate with them. You can see if they pay the rental transfer fee, or if you pay for the winter tires and so on. Not everything that happens in your life will always be under your control – you risk suddenly losing your job, developing serious health complications, moving to work, or having sudden death in your family. Each of these important events can have a serious impact on your finances and give you a good reason to cancel your car rental agreement before it`s over. I just left the phone with HFS. I can transfer the lease, but I have to find someone myself – Honda does not allow transfers by third parties like swap-a-lease.

I can also ask them to pick up the car and they will auction it off; However, they told me that the property should have the difference between the selling price of the car and the buy-back price. Technically, his estate would still be responsible for any remaining payments, not to mention parking tickets, towing fees, etc., for which Honda was beaten if you follow the path you talked about. His estate administrator or next of kin should contact honda Financial and see if he is willing to work with him. In the event of death, they could allow a transfer of the lease if a family member was interested? In summary, renting a vehicle may no longer be a desirable option as you get older. Being eighty years old with a car rental can be an expensive option! I suspect that he returned the car before the end of the rental and that he receives the final invoice, which is the sum of his payments. One. Sure, we hope you`ll survive your car rental, but that`s a good question. Also keep in mind that if you try to transfer the lease instead, you (the estate) will still have to make payments for the car until the rental transfer is complete, or you run the risk that they will be taken back and the additional costs that would be incurred. Q. About six months ago, I rented a car for the first time. What happens if I die before the lease expires? Does my wife have to continue to pay the lease? The seller said the dealer would take the car back and no further payments would be due, but it`s not in the papers. If they tell you that the car was not treated as a rental declaration and they never got it – treat it as stolen, report it to the police.

My grandfather passed away recently, leaving behind a Honda CR-V leased from 2016 – the contract expires in May 2019. I am trying to reach Honda Financial as I write this; However, I would like all those who have unfortunately found themselves in a situation similar to mine to give me their opinion. I`ve read that in some situations, death isn`t even an excuse to get out of a lease (weird, right?), so what if I just subtract the license plate, remove the license plates and tell them to pick up the car? The car is in New York, so I`m sure it will be towed in a few hours and it will never be seen again. My grandfather was the only person on the lease, including his car insurance. Honda leases are not transferable, so I can`t even list them on swap-a-lease. Every contribution is much appreciated! We had also thought of that first idea – but I can`t imagine that the rest of his 3-year lease would be $21,000. It looks like a buyout. If the written lease does not provide for early termination at no cost, the tenant`s reduction may be required to continue payments, Whitenack said. For example, consideration should be given to transferring the lease to another family member, individual buyer or leasing company.

Again, the lease will determine if any of these options are available. If the surviving family members of the scammer love and want the vehicle, the possibility of buying or even selling the vehicle may need to be explained. Depending on the manufacturer of your vehicle, there may be some restrictions on transferring your rental – some are responsible for the original buyer if the person supporting it can`t make payments, others don`t allow you to transfer it within the first 12 months of the lease, etc. Be sure to read your rental agreement carefully, to look for restrictions on transferring a lease so you know it`s worth it. What we do know is that he destroyed his leased Nissan and “returned it to the dealership” after it was repaired. This was the information of his tutor. Yes – we are now working on all this (in terms of succession). Once the estate is solvent and then closed, who can they sue at the time the estate was dissolved? I have a meeting with the lawyer in a few days, so I will definitely ask. The balance of the remaining payments is $6,000 – would Honda really pay to sue for this? What if I let them take it back and sell it at auction? I would be responsible for the difference between what they get at the auction and what the buyback is, which could very well be more than $6,000. Even if I wanted to transfer the lease to my name, which I have to do before the registration expires, I would have to pay tax on the remaining payments! There is no clean way out. Very frustrating. (c) the vehicle must be returned and the early termination provisions often estimate the cost to the lessee of transporting, storing and preparing the vehicle for sale; and one would logically think that if you die during the term of a car lease, the leasing company/manufacturer would be happy to get the car back, paying all rental payments due and due up to the month of death.

Unfortunately, the families of those who died during the term of a car lease learned something else. “While several auto companies may have policies that allow for early termination after death, in many cases the lease will continue and the estate of the deceased tenant will be responsible for payments,” she said. That means there`s no law in New Jersey that prohibits the auto company from charging for early termination after the owner`s death, Whitenack said. For example, the possibility of transferring the lease to another family member, a sole purchaser or a leasing swap company should be considered. .